Novel Water-Cleaning Technology as a Sustainable Water Treatment Method in Africa

Novel Water-Cleaning Technology as a Sustainable Water Treatment Method in Africa

Water is an essential part of life but what’s more important is having clean, safe water for consumption. Africa battles with water crises, and many people consume contaminated water daily. As JugFree always points out, producing drinking water that’s safe and healthy water is critical. Hence, the introduction of a novel water-cleaning system.

All About Novel Water-cleaning System

The Novel Water-cleaning System is an initiative of a European-African alliance between partners from South Africa, Germany, Italy, Mozambique, and Spain known as the SafeWaterAfrica project. It is a sustainable water treatment method to produce drinking water that is safe and healthy water for consumption.

This technology is an autonomous and effective method of producing healthy water for public consumption. It incorporates existing and novel cleansing technology that removes harmful chemicals and pathogens from these unhealthy waters and disinfects them. This process makes for safer, cleaner, and generally healthy drinking water.

Cleaning Process of the Novel Water-cleaning Technology

The first step in the Novel Water-cleaning process is adding a salt coagulant to separate harmful pathogens and organic materials found in the water. The salt coagulants transform these impurities into residues and eliminate them through a process known as column filtration.

Once that is done, the next step involves the production of ozone oxidants through an electrochemical oxidation process. Electrochemical oxidation is used in this technology to produce strong oxidants like ozone without additional chemicals. It offers a better, more efficient, and faster killing of unhealthy water microbes and pollutants. The purification is based on the European water treatment technology, CabECO. This treatment technology makes the water a lot safer to consume. In turn, the health of the general public is protected.

Novel Water-cleaning Technology and the Progress Made so Far in Africa

The Novel Water-cleaning Technology is a proven water-purification method for producing clean, disinfected water. Since its launch, two demonstrator units have been installed in Mozambique and South Africa. These units are self-sufficient and powered through sunlight. Per day, they produce enough clean water for about 300 people.

The units are elementary to operate, and even the locals can properly handle them, creating an additional employment source. Other water-purification methods like desalination, the use of water filters, and the old boiling method are, of course, still instrumental in producing clean water in Africa.

However, the Novel Water-cleaning Technology system is a much more efficient and sustainable means of solving the water crises in Africa. It produces safe, healthy water that doesn’t affect the health of its consumers. It is also cost-effective and very flexible. These units can be easily installed in remote communities in Africa with little or no access to healthy, drinkable water. Fortunately, this project not only provides clean water but also provides employment for some of the locals who are tasked with the job of supervising these units.

The SafeWaterAfrica project is one of the numerous efforts made by local and international bodies to provide accessible clean water to rural communities across Africa. If more units are installed, the cases of diarrhea and other health issues associated with consuming unsafe water are eradicated significantly.

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