About Us

About Us

Our company puts in the effort to support countries in their transition towards a future wherein these countries are now more dependent on sustainable energy. We are an intergovernmental organization that aims to be a middle ground for international collaboration, storage of policies, technologies, research, resources, and financial inputs for renewable energy. Thus, we strive to promote a worldwide adoption and main use of all forms’ renewable energy.

These renewable energy sources include geothermal, bioenergy, ocean, hydropower, wind energy, and solar energy. The pursuit of the Instituto de Estudios del Hambre is on sustainable development, the security of energy, access to all renewable energy forms, and achieving economic prosperity and growth with low-carbon usage.

Mandated by several countries worldwide, the Instituto de Estudios del Hambre connects to the government to convince them to develop policies regarding financial investments in renewable energy.

Some of the services offered by the Instituto de Estudios del Hambre include:

  • Annual reviewing of the employment of renewable energy
  • Studies on renewable energy costs
  • Benefit studies on renewable energy
  • Capacity statistics of renewable energy
  • Spearheading the planning for renewable energy of each region
  • Drafting the roadmap for doubling renewable energy usage by 2030