Companies & Organization

Companies & Organization

As we look forward to the future, we also aim to collaborate with other organizations that share our goal. These companies are the world’s leaders in bringing renewable energy to the world.

Bennu Solar has accumulated a great resource for people interested in the use of solar energy. Apart from that, Bennu Solar provides great counsel for those wanting to procure solar energy from poor rural areas.

1. Mainstream Renewable Power

Mainstream Renewable Power is a company that made it into the final list of the Zayed Future Energy Prize in 2015. This organization focuses more on wind energy than solar. This is because wind energy can give clean energy to a larger group of people than solar energy per sale. Apart from that, wind energy is more cost-competitive compared to solar energy at larger scales.

2. Grameen Shakti

Grameen Shakti is a company dedicated to helping people transition to solar energy since 1996. This organization has delivered about 1.5 million solar systems for homes, 800,000 cooking stoves that are improved, and 30,000 biogas plants. This company has trained over 40,000 people in the knowledge, technicalities, and usage of renewable energy. The market of Grameen Shakti has been focused on giving aid to Bangladesh’s rural poor.

3. Abellon Clean Energy

Abellon Clean Energy won the Zayed Future Energy prize in 2014. The organization’s main focus is to bring the technology of sustainable bioenergy to the people of India, some parts of Europe, Ghana, and some parts of North America.

4. Sunlabob Renewable Energy

Since 2001, Sunlabob Renewable Energy has been bringing some hydropower, solar power, other forms of renewable energy, and technologies regarding energy efficiency to the poor people in Laos’s rural areas. Now, they also deliver these energies to governments, multinational companies, multilateral development agencies, and NGOs across India, Southeast Asia, the Pacific, and Africa.

5. Bright Green Energy Foundation

The bright Green Energy Foundation is an organization that serves the market in Bangladesh. More than 100,000 home solar systems, with about 5,000 installed every month. Over 7.5 million people have benefited from this organization’s services by May 2014.