Albeit unknown to most people, tidal waves in the ocean can be harnessed to create electricity. Even though this kind of technology is still in the research and not yet available commercially, the research of this technology proved to be promising.

There are four ways to harvest electricity from the ocean. These are from the waves, the tidal changes, the salinity gradient energy, and the ocean’s heat.

Wave energy is when the converters capture the force of the ocean waves to generate electricity. These converters drive the turbine by having oscillating water columns to trap the air pockets.

Tidal energy is harvesting electricity between the high and low tide. It uses a modern technology called the tidal range, tidal current, or tidal stream technology.

Salinity gradient energy is harvested from the varying concentrations of salt in the water. This occurs when river water flows into the sea and changes the salt concentration.

Lastly, ocean thermal energy conversion is when power is generated from the difference in temperature of the warm seawater on the surface and the cold seawater below the surface at about 1,000 meters deep.


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